About Us

Hi.  My name is Janine Pretorius and I am the creator and manufacturer of Hairmagic.  Our company is a family business and we are located on a beautiful farm in a valley in Pretoria, South Africa.

I was introduced to the concept of Hairmagic around 15 years ago. We first made them with fabric, which worked great, almost like a scrunchy look and then, after numerous requests, we started making them with beads that were instantly more fashionable and offered more variety in creating new designs.

In 2010 I realized there were inherent design flaws in my combs and so I decided to redesign the comb, make it better, stronger and ultimately more comfortable. I also made a smaller version of Hairmagic for a more “petite” or dainty look.

From its very beginnings our wonderful product generated tremendous enthusiasm and excitement, Soon hundreds of positive testimonials started to pour in. We quickly realised that this product was more than just an ordinary consumer item. It genuinely HELPED women in a practical everyday manner, to manage and style their hair quickly and effortlessly. Its functionality was phenomenal! Once we realised this simple truth our mission statement became clear:

“To spread our Hairmagic combs to women all over the world!”

While we market our product extensively at fairs and trade shows around the world, a huge proportion of our sales come from word of mouth. Satisfied women everywhere, are recommending Hairmagic to their sisters, mothers, daughters and friends. This is a great compliment and a source of tremendous pride in our Company and our Product.

What makes Hairmagic so great?

  • It is easy and simple to use.
  • Works in long, short, thick, thin, curly, straight, wet or dry hair.
  • No more headaches or damage, as the combs hold your hair, not the elastic.
  • Best of all, it lies flat against your head.
  • Our combs are scientifically engineered, yet lightweight and durable.
  • Our designs are elegant and sophisticated.
  • Hairmagic is great for the beach, the office, or a night out on the town!
  • Style the bun, ponytail, half-up, cascade or the messy bun in seconds.
  • We have 5 different color combs: black, brown, gold, tan or clear to match the color of your hair.
  • We have 2 size combs, the Original (4” ) and the Small (2.5”).

FINALLY, a product that REALLY works!

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