Hair Magic Clips, Made for you.
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Black Combs

Hair Magic Clips, Made for you.
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Brown Combs

Hair Magic Clips, Made for you.
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Tan Combs

Hair Magic Clips, Made for you.
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Gold Combs

Hair Magic Clips, Made for you.
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Clear Combs

Comb Collections
A Style for everyone
A Collection of Silver, Gold and Charcoal Diamanté
Diamanté Collection
A Collection of Oval-shaped Charcoal Beads
Majestic Collection
A Collection of Miracle Luminescent Beads
Miracle Collection
A Ccllection of Black, White, Bronze and Rose Gold Pearl Beads
Pearl Collection
A Collection of Vibrant Color Combination Beads
Salvadoré Collection
A Collection of Metal Tuby Beads in Silver, Bronze Gold and Charcoal
Tuby Collection
A Collection of Natural, Antique and Vintage Wood
Wood Collection
A Collection of Holiday Themed hair clips.
Holiday Collection
A Collection of Wedding hair clips for your perfect day
Wedding Collection
25, 100, 250, 500 Unit Packs with Flyers and Bags
Create styles in a flash
The Original Hair Magic Comb


Half Up

Tucked up Bun


Messy Bun


Beautiful Styles
In 4 easy steps
Step 1
Slide first comb under style, following the curve of the head.
Step 2
Grab hold of style with all the fingers of the right hand.
Step 3
Stretch the second comb over the style with the left hand.
Step 4
Slide second comb firmly under the first to secure style.
Clients Say

Excellent – I now have 4 of these combs. I love them. They look great . I work in a factory and they hold your hair all day long. LOVE them. Thank You.

Pam Smith

Fantastic – I love the comb I bought. It is nothing like the cheap stuff you see on TV. These combs are sturdy and large enough for huge chunks of hair. I can’t begin to tell how easy it is to use.

Julia Carnes

Great Product – These combs are the absolute best! I have tried others. These stay put without pulling on my hair. The variety of colors and combs are unmatched. The sturdiness and ease of use are well worth the price! These are super easy to attach.

Jackie Verhagen

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